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Riverkeeper Applauds Interstate Fishery Commission Protection of Shad

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New York’s Clean Water Advocate Teams with Religious Organizations Along the Hudson River in Successful Letter Writing Campaign

Tarrytown, NY – March 3, 2010 – In a major victory for American Shad coast-wide, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) has approved Amendment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Shad and River Herring. To protect coast-wide shad populations, shad fisheries will be closed except in states that demonstrate through research that their commercial and/or recreational fisheries will not diminish the potential future stock reproduction and recruitment. Amendment 3 will require all states to have management plans completed and approved by January 1, 2013, otherwise closures will be instituted on a state-by-state basis.

“We commend the ASMFC for their decision to approve Amendment 3,” stated Josh Verleun, Riverkeeper Staff Attorney & Chief Investigator. “In written comments to the Commission, Riverkeeper supported closing shad fisheries in all states that cannot demonstrate sustainability, and we are gratified to see the Commission take strong steps to protect shad coast-wide. Protecting and restoring the population of American Shad is critical both in New York and on a coast-wide level. This is why Riverkeeper has advocated strongly for shad protection since 2007 and recently submitted legal comments to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) supporting the closure of the Hudson River American Shad fisheries and restrictions on American Shad fishing in the Delaware River.”

To support Riverkeeper’s efforts to protect American Shad, Riverkeeper Boat Captain John Lipscomb also enlisted the group Religious Organizations Along the Hudson River (ROAR) in a letter writing campaign. ROAR, initiated in 1996, is a network of religious Congregations and organizations with property in the Hudson Valley whom John has hosted on several Riverkeeper boat patrols. ROAR’s letter writing campaign, aimed at protection of the Hudson’s dwindling shad populations, voiced support for the DEC’s proposed closure of the Hudson River’s commercial and recreational shad fishery.

“We felt drawn to educate ourselves and advocate on behalf of life forms living in the Hudson River who are voiceless and have need for someone to speak for them,” stated Sr. Carol De Angelo, SC, a member of ROAR. “We have been especially inspired and challenged by John Lipscomb’s dedication and commitment to the Hudson River and its communities of life.”

“ROAR’s support of shad protection made a tangible difference in the DECs decision to move ahead with a closure,” stated John Lipscomb. “Unlike commercial and recreational fishing, or other interests, ROAR is an organization with nothing to gain from the proposed closures; their only interest is in the preservation of river life. It was this unique perspective that made their voice on this issue so important.”

Riverkeeper’s comments to the AMFC

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