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Clarkson MSEM students practice instructor ‘preach’ of environmental sustainability

It’s very exciting to see graduate engineering management students take the principles of environmental sustainability and apply them to the field. Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay is an adjunct professor of environmental law at Clarkson University’s master of science in engineering management (MSEM) program at Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries. This post from Beacon Institute’s Watermark Blog provides an update:


MSEMgraphicTasked this fall by Environmental Sustainability and Risk Analysis instructor Alan Rossner, four MSEM students presented a convincing analysis to their corporate administrators in a “Water Saving Measures” report.

As a result of this class project, their company plans to invest in replacing existing bathroom fixtures with new automatic efficient units for a 70% reduction in water usage at the student’s home-base facility.

PGMSEMprogramThis student project puts into practice the ‘green’ priorities laid out by MSEM instructor and Riverkeeper Paul Gallay in Beacon this past weekend at the launch of his course in Business and Environmental Law.

Gallay’s instruction stressed the importance of energy efficient retrofits, solar roofs and inner city revitalization projects to create value and energize the job engine.