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Riverkeeper Statement Regarding Dimock Fracking Lawsuit Outcome

For Immediate Release: March 10, 2016
Contact: Cliff Weathers, Communications Director
914-478-4501, ext. 239

Ossining, NY — Two Pennsylvania couples were awarded $4.24 million on Monday by a federal jury, which found Cabot Oil & Gas responsible for contaminating their well water with high levels of methane. Cabot Oil had drilled two natural gas “fracking” wells near their homes.

The federal lawsuit—Scott Ely, et al. v Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation et al.—involved Scott Ely and Monica Marta-Ely, and Ray and Victoria Hubert, two couples from Dimock Township that claimed Cabot Oil was negligent for contaminating their water supply. The case dates back to 2009 when 44 plaintiffs originally brought a lawsuit against the company. Since that time, the Elys and Huberts were the only remaining plaintiffs as others had settled with Cabot Oil.

Riverkeeper released this statement from its President, Paul Gallay regarding the outcome of the Dimock lawsuit:

“Riverkeeper congratulates the Hubert and Ely families from Dimock, Pennsylvania, who tenaciously fought a 7-year legal battle against big oil to prove to the world that fracking pollutes groundwater. Riverkeeper is proud to have helped provide drinking water for affected Dimock families and to have honored them at our 2013 Fishermens’ Ball, and now we are proud to celebrate their court victory. We hope this verdict will send a message to other communities that oil companies can be held liable for human health and environmental harm.”

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