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Landmark Assembly Hearing Changes the Energy Conversation: Addresses How Best to Close Indian Point

Riverkeeper, NRDC energy study provides framework to create an energy future without the old, outdated nuclear plant.

Ossining, NY – January 17, 2012 – Just two days after a pump failure that forced the shut down of one of Indian Point’s two reactors, state officials held a landmark hearing to discuss how New York’s energy supply and economy would be affected by the closure of Indian Point.

State officials and utility representatives discussed last Thursday how New York City could replace the power it currently obtains from Indian Point if it were shut down and the question became not whether we should close Indian Point, rather our leaders wanted to know how best to do it.

“Everyone knows why we need to close Indian Point. After last week’s hearing, everyone knows that we can,” said Phillip Musegaas, Hudson River Program Director for Riverkeeper. The message was loud and clear, it’s time to invest in a 21st Century energy supply. “Now let’s do the hard work to get it done.”
The Synapse Energy report that Riverkeeper and NRDC released this fall provided a framework for replacing Indian Point at the hearing. Testimony was given by a Synapse Energy Economics consultant showing that we have a surplus of energy now and that through energy efficiency, renewable energy, new transmission lines and the repowering of older, inefficient plants, we can save or generate the equivalent of two Indian Points with a concerted effort. Governor Andrew Cuomo touched on those same solutions in his recent State Address, and the Assembly heard from experts who repeatedly reinforced those four strategies for replacing Indian point.

Riverkeeper is urging people to keep the conversation going by writing to Governor Andrew Cuomo, expressing support for the energy policy he outlined in his State of the State Address and urging him to move forward quickly with a bold energy efficiency plan, to invest in renewable energy and transmission, and to repower old, inefficient power plants.

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