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On patrol: Indian Point Power Plant


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Grey day, passing Indian Point, one day after the 9/11 anniversary. No security presence on the water whatsoever.


I remember the years following 2001 when there were Homeland Security boats here 24/7. They put on a great show patrolling the inside of the 900-foot-wide security zone like guard dogs inside a fence. And for a time all commercial vessels were stopped and boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard. We were harassed on several occasions when military boats came out of the security zone to bust our chops – just because we exist, because we were/are calling for closure of the plant.

This is a page from our 2009 Journal.


But the lack of security today doesn’t really change anything. The security presence that used to be here was never adequate to protect the plant anyway. It was just for show.

Better days are coming. New Yorkers AND all life in the River will be safer soon cause New York State and Riverkeeper are going to shut this obsolete death trap down. That’s right, you watch.

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