Toren Kutnick


Toren Kutnick manages a family office that invests (directly and with others) in seed and early stage technology companies around the world; he also manages programming and endowment for the Dale & Laura Kutnick Foundation, which funds environmental, educational, medical research and socially responsible non-profit causes. His areas of interest and investment include: Nanotechnology, 3D printing, solar energy, tattoo support and software solutions, biomedical sensors, research and advisory businesses (in advanced science and cannabis fields), diagnostics, water leak detection, food delivery, healthcare IT, robotics, and hospital acquired infection prevention. He has a particular passion for rapidly evolving sensor technology (especially in healthcare), that translates the physical world’s data points into quantifiable metrics that can be analyzed and acted upon. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Find Me Ink, a tattoo technology company.

Previously, Toren co-founded and was Research Director of Myria RAS Inc., a robotics research and advisory services company. He worked largely in the areas of medical, agricultural, and domestic robotics. He also assisted in the management of the company’s open robotics portal. Toren obtained his B.S. from Cornell University with a focus in Information Science and Natural Resources.

Outside of work, Toren is a passionate environmentalist and Chair of Riverkeeper’s Young Advocates Council and acts as liaison to the Board of Directors, where he plays an active role in protecting the Hudson River and New York’s drinking water by helping find and fund prosecution of polluters. He also serves on the Board of Friends of Ofanim, an educational nonprofit focused on bringing STEM education to underserved populations in Israel via mobile bus classroom. Toren is also involved with The National Forest Foundation and has developed programming and outreach for the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society).

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