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Data Use & Sharing

Water-quality data posted to the Riverkeeper website are made freely available to the public, and we encourage their wide use. However, if you use the data for research, policy, or educational purposes, we would appreciate that you let us know so that we can document that use for our funders (which will help us continue this service).

Please do not post any data from the Riverkeeper website directly on any other website. However, linking to the Riverkeeper website, or to individual pages on the Riverkeeper website, is encouraged.

If the Riverkeeper website data are used as background or ancillary information for any presentation, publication, website, or educational product, we would appreciate proper acknowledgement.

This website summarizes data gathered by different groups, and each set of data should be cited differently:

Hudson River Estuary data: “Data collected by O’Mullan GD, Juhl AR, and Lipscomb J, available at www.riverkeeper.org.”

Hudson River tributary and waterfront community science data: “Data collected by Riverkeeper in partnership with residents of the Hudson Valley, available at www.riverkeeper.org.”

New York City community science data: “Data collected by New York City Water Trail Association and The River Project, in partnership with more than 20 community boathouses, community groups, and waterfront parks.”

If you would like to use the Riverkeeper website data as an integral contribution to any publication or educational product, please contact us to discuss potential collaboration and appropriate determination of authorship – [email protected].

Thank you for respecting the efforts of many individuals that have gone into collecting, processing, maintaining, and disseminating these valuable data.

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