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On Newtown Creek, ‘a statement of faith’ in restoring a waterway

… p.m. October 25, 2002 – Captain John Lipscomb first took Riverkeeper’s patrol boat into Newtown Creek, the tidal tributary that separates Brooklyn and Queens. The patrol log records what … Read More

Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek: A Tale of Two Superfunds

On 10th anniversary of cleanup efforts, progress lags on Newtown Creek; more community voices are needed in Brooklyn and Queens. New York City’s two most … Read More

On Newtown Creek: Creating havens for marine life on a sheet-pile shoreline

Riverkeeper is teaming up with Newtown Creek Alliance, Billion Oyster Project and design firm SITU on an experiment: Installing … Read More

On Newtown Creek, creating a foothold for the natural world

… been thinking big, and far into the future, with partners working to restore the badly polluted Newtown Creek, which forms the border of Brooklyn and Queens. Now we’re excited to be part of … Read More

Newtown Creek and Flushing Waterways – Community visioning for NYC’s future

… key waterways. This summer is shaping up to be quite historic in two corners of New York City – Newtown Creek and the Flushing Waterways – as Riverkeeper kicks off two separate community-driven … Read More

Bizarre discovery in Newtown Creek: 216 plastic bags with black, semi-gelatinous sediment

During our inbound patrol on Newtown Creek this morning we came upon many small plastic bags floating in a tight cluster between … Read More

On Patrol: Egret at Newtown Creek

We spotted this egret Tuesday during our patrol along Newtown Creek. When I see wildlife on the creek, it gives me hope. Nature is waiting for us to do … Read More

Newtown Creek – Saturday 11/15/14

… near the Battery, I ran home via the East River and Harlem River with an opportunistic patrol of Newtown Creek. There were quite a few Canada Geese there — I suppose resting on their migration. … Read More

“Thousands and thousands” of Menhaden seen feeding at the mouth of Newtown Creek on 11/6/2014

A resident on Thursday reported a huge number of fish swimming upstream from the East River to Newtown Creek and continuing upstream toward the Pulaski Bridge. He’s never seen this occurrence … Read More

Not a Good Day to Be a Fish in the Newtown Creek

Two days after the last Newtown Creek Alliance CSO Alert, the water appeared grey/green Monday, as Riverkeeper patrolled … Read More

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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