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Riverkeeper and HSBC Visit Newtown Creek

Riverkeeper and the HSBC Water Programme visited Newtown Creek in August. HSBC Water Programme is a generous funder of Riverkeeper’s water … Read More

Newtown Creek Glows Green

On patrol today on the Newtown Creek and its tributaries in Brooklyn, we observed a discharge that appears to be … Read More

Trash and debris stranded by Sandy along Dutch Kill and Newtown Creek 11/2

… of trash was blown by SE wind into fence along the west side of the entrance to Dutch Kill off Newtown Creek (across from “Nature Walk”). All this material remains stranded above wall but … Read More

10/24/12: East Branch of Newtown Creek

We secured the Fletcher to the bridge so we can patrol the shallow corners and backwaters with a … Read More

5/6/13 Newtown Creek Renaissance

When we first started patrolling here in 2002 we saw NO ONE – ever. Then came the Newtown Creek Alliance, the Exxon Case and others enforcements, then media and public attention. … Read More

Newtown Creek Video

This video shows the Newtown Creek in 2006, at the time when Riverkeeper and our partners in the community were … Read More

Damaged Barges Dumping Foam into Newtown Creek

A barge remains berthed at north side of Newtown Creek just east of the Pulaski Bridge. There is reason to believe that this heavily damaged … Read More

Polluted Waters: Newtown Creek, Brooklyn

The water in the inner reaches of urban waterways like Newtown Creek and Gowanus Canal is polluted beyond comprehension. Yes, the white stuff in the … Read More

Successful Enforcement on Newtown Creek

… mixed paper and plastic labeling falling off a deck barge at Sims Municipal Recycling facility on Newtown Creek. We contacted Sims management and within ONE DAY had a response from the facility … Read More

NYCON Concrete on Newtown Creek

NYCON Concrete on Newtown Creek Look at the color of the water! Photo credit: Basil Seggos Read More

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