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Ellen Hackl Fagan and Ellen Kozak
Just as the Hudson inspires artists, artists help to inspire all of us in our shared work for the river. On Sunday were pleased and honored to visit the River Woman exhibition running through Sunday at ODETTA Gallery in Brooklyn to talk about Riverkeeper’s work. […] More
Photo: Sara Moriarty / Riverkeeper
We need your help to save the environmental review process that led to New York’s fracking ban. Under new regulations proposed by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), a key part of the process would be removed, disempowering governmental entities and the public in favor […] More
Once again, Riverkeeper owes enormous thanks to SUNY New Paltz graphic design students for creating a poster to promote our annual day of service for the Hudson: Riverkeeper Sweep, happening May 6, 2017.  We asked our social media followers to choose between two posters after narrowing down the finalists. It […] More
Anaconda-site-Courtesy of Hastings Historical Society-digital use only
Good news: The legal steps are now in place to guide a thorough cleanup of the Hastings shoreline, one of the most contaminated areas of the Hudson River, where toxic PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) have been poisoning river life for decades. It’s a major milestone in […] More
New York City’s 5-cent bag fee was carefully deliberated by the City Council for over two years, demonstrating how democracy and sensible solutions can be reached in the country’s largest city. Governor Cuomo’s signature of the bill has the very disappointing effect of placing a […] More
New York State Senator Felder has reintroduced a bill (S362) to prevent New York City’s bag fee from going into effect on February 15. Similar laws around the country have significantly reduced the amount of single-use bags clogging storm drains, collecting in our waterways, filling landfills, and threatening aquatic life. Help defend this legislation and stand up for trash-free waterways. More
US Air Force photo showing firefighting exercise at Stewart Air National Guard in 2004.
Nine months after test results identified the Stewart Air National Guard Base as the most important source of toxic PFOS to Newburgh’s drinking water supply and other downstream waters, contaminated water continues to be discharged without treatment. It’s past time for the U.S. Military to […] More
Upper Hudson
Upper Hudson River at Route 25 downstream of the MacIntyre Tract. (Photo by Dan Shapley / Riverkeeper)
Riverkeeper has filed comments with the Adirondack Park Agency, arguing that additional alternatives should be considered as the APA classifies vast tracts of new state lands in the High Peaks. The tracts include rivers, brooks and wetlands associated with the headwaters of the Hudson River […] More
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s resume is littered with efforts to scrap and weaken 50 years of our nation’s clean air and water laws. Needless to say, it was bad news Wednesday when the public learned of his selection by Donald Trump to head the […] More
The EPA Five-Year Review of Hudson River PCBs Superfund site is underway, and more must be done to ensure that it is open, transparent, and scientifically reliable assessment. More
2017 Fishermen's Ball
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