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Once decommissioned, the Indian Point site should be cleaned up as quickly as possible More
Unit 2 reactor problem is the latest in a long string of troublesome safety issues. Last week, Entergy discovered a significant safety problem that could prevent safe restart of Indian Point 2, which is currently shut down for refueling. A visual inspection of the reactor […] More
In his recent Times Union guest column “Solar, wind won’t come in time in New York,” Jerry Kremer wholly misrepresents the findings of the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO)—the state’s electricity grid operator—about the reliability of New York’s energy after the closure of Indian […] More
In a response to our piece about Indian Point’s susceptibility to earthquakes, Entergy spokesperson Jerry Nappi mischaracterizes the earthquake dangers of the Indian Point nuclear plant. He asserts that the nuclear plant earthquake danger rankings were developed by a news reporter and are therefore false. […] More
A recent earthquake felt in Westchester, Putnam and Orange Counties renews operational safety concerns regarding the Indian Point nuclear power plant. More
A quick cleanup of Indian Point is needed
Photo: Cliff Weathers
Amid the recurrent critical malfunctions, allowing “management” to expand their duties to fill the roles of multiple employees and directly operate the plant is asking for trouble. If workers are not available to operate the plant, the solution is simple. It should be taken offline until Entergy and the workers can resolve their differences. More
Riverkeeper fights every day for a clean, safe and secure energy future, without which our precious drinking water supplies and the iconic Hudson River will never truly be protected. This means opposing all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects, which are unnecessary and threaten both the […] More
This is not the time to relax safety protections at Indian Point so Entergy can save money in its final few years of operation. More
Read Historic Agreement to Close Indian Point
Photo: Giles Ashford
Despite suggestions to the contrary, a new natural gas-fired power plant in the shadow of the Indian Point nuclear power plant is neither viable nor necessary. It's an idea that must be rejected. More
New Yorkers won’t miss Indian Point once it closes in 2021. They certainly won’t miss the danger that this aging nuclear power plant poses to them, nor the damage it does to the Hudson River — killing more than billion fish eggs and larvae each year through its cooling systems. Now I’m happy to report that New Yorkers won’t miss the energy that Indian Point produces; it will be replaced with new energy savings and clean, renewable power. More

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