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“” launched to fight sewage pollution in NYC


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Each year, New York City discharges more than 20 billion gallons of raw sewage into local waterways. That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building 72 times!

cutthecrap.nycOur biggest challenge in fighting this pollution is a general lack of knowledge about the failing sewer system, which allows our elected representatives to ignore the problem. It’s time to #CutTheCrap! Riverkeeper and partners are announcing a new website to help push New York City to clean up its act.

Go to and find out how you can help stop sewage pollution in New York City. And follow @CuttheCrapNYC on Twitter for updates.

Upcoming Event:
Join us on Tuesday, April 16, to hear from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection about its proposed sewage controls for open waters throughout the city. This is our chance to demand that New York City “Cut the Crap“!

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