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Reduce Watershed Pollutants

According to the EPA, the leading source of pollution in surface drinking water supplies is polluted rainwater runoff. Many pollutants are found in legal, commonly used household products – cleaning chemicals for our homes, oil and gasoline for our vehicles, pesticides and fertilizers for our lawns, and pharmaceuticals for ourselves.

Please help protect our water supplies by making sure these potentially harmful products are used only in limited quantities when necessary, and that they are disposed of properly.

For simple household tips on what you can do to help, see the links below

  • Gardening for Clean WaterGo Organic

  • Reduce Use of Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers

  • Least Toxic Methods

  • Limit Use of Fertilizers

  • Maintain Vegetated Buffers

  • Control and Treat Stormwater Pollution

  • Reduced Use and Proper DisposalHousehold Chemicals

  • Reduce Use, Use AlternativesSolution:

  • Properly Store and Dispose of Hazardous ProductsSolution:

  • Pharmaceuticals: A Growing Concern

  • How to dispose of those unused pills …

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