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NYS Legislature passes bill to protect 41,000 miles of streams at risk from the Trump Administration’s Clean Water Act rollbacks

NY lawmakers pass bill to protect 41k miles of at-risk streams
Albany NY – Today, the New York Senate took a historic vote to protect clean water across New York.It voted to add 41,000 miles of at risk streams to the protected class of waters within the DEC’s Protection of Waters Program. The legislation protects streams within the Class C designation and will require a permit for disturbing a stream already required for Class AA, A, B and trout waters. This legislation passed the New York Assembly in February. Now, New York has taken the significant step of ensuring clean water […]

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Earth Matters: Dead Fish On The Hudson

Thousands of dead fish found in and around Hudson River, experts say they suffocated

Thousands of dead fish found floating in the Hudson River suffocated, experts say

Alarming Number of Dead Fish Seen Floating in Hudson

Why Are Dead Fish Floating in the Hudson River? Here’s What We Know

What’s Killing Large Clusters Of Fish Along The Hudson River?

Dead fish are popping up all along the Hudson River

Riverkeeper: Global warming, toxic chemicals are killing schools of bunker fish

Riverkeeper George Jackman on Dam Removal

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