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Safeguard Drinking Water

Riverkeeper calls on governor to sign legislation to expand testing for contaminants in drinking water

NYS program helps protect drinking water at its source – Riverkeeper statement

New York State announced Monday that more than 40 communities will benefit from the new Drinking Water Source Protection Program, which will assist communities in developing multi-faceted programs to address specific threats to their drinking water supplies. Riverkeeper has advocated for this program, as one response to the drinking water crisis in City of Newburgh that came to light five years ago this month. Communities in the region that will benefit from this program include: The Hudson 7 communities (City and Town of Poughkeepsie, Village and Town of Rhinebeck and […]

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La Voz: Stop the Mud in Lower Esopus Creek

Rockland Residents Urge NY To More Cleanup Of ‘Forever Chemicals’

Federal Lawmakers Call On EPA To Help With Rockland PFAS Water Contamination

Coalition calls for implementation of critical law passed in 2018 — The NYS Drug Take Back Act

Ongoing delay of law’s implementation threatens to exacerbate the opioid epidemic amid the Covid-19 pandemic Continued flushing of unwanted drugs endangers water quality across the state Albany, NY—A broad coalition of environmental, product stewardship, public health, solid waste management, local government, and fishing organizations recently sent a letter to the New York State Department of Health (“Department”) calling for final regulations and implementation of the NYS Drug Take Back Act within 30 days (see letter attached). The law requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to fund a statewide drug take-back program that provides […]

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Riverkeeper sues NYS to prevent withdrawal of regulations protecting NYC water quality

NYS is attempting to walk back protections for water recreation that were established in 2015. ALBANY, NY — Riverkeeper, represented by the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic, filed suit late yesterday to prevent the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation from attempting to roll back human health protections for recreation in New York City’s waterways, initially established by regulation in 2015. The 2015 water quality standards for swimming and other “primary contact recreation” would require the state to set scientifically accurate sewage pollution limits for the City’s waterways. To meet […]

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New York State Legislature passes bill to close the fracking waste loophole 

Albany, N.Y. — The New York State Legislature voted to close the oil & gas waste loophole after nearly a decade of advocacy from Riverkeeper and our partners. The oil and gas industry enjoys a special exemption from New York State requirements governing the treatment of hazardous waste. Although waste from oil and gas operations – including extraction using hydrofracking – can contain hazardous contaminants, it’s categorically excluded from hazardous waste treatment, storage, transportation and disposal requirements due to a legal loophole. Since 2010, more than 608,000 tons of solid […]

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Clean Water Advocates to Cuomo: NY is failing to protect its drinking water

Alarming pattern of delay in drinking water protection puts New Yorkers at risk Albany – Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried and Assembly Children and Families Chair Ellen Jaffee joined residents from impacted communities and leading environmental advocates today to call on Governor Cuomo and the NYS Department of Health to stop delaying protections for New York’s drinking water and set the most health-protective standards possible for three toxic chemicals that have polluted drinking water across the state: PFOA, PFOS, and 1,4-dioxane. The New York Department of Health (DOH) is […]

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Riverkeeper, Newburgh Clean Water Project push for more aggressive cleanup at Stewart Air National Guard Base

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