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Pollution Enforcement

Dozens of Major Bridges Lack Shields to Block Wayward Ships

‘jury-rigged’ railroad bridge dangerous, says Riverkeeper

Weehawken Cove may not be a boat graveyard much longer

Environmentalists ready to sue Jamaica waste management firms

Jamaica residents fight waste transfer stations

Efforts Underway to Remove Abandoned Boats and Revitalize Weehawken Cove

Hoboken officials seeking support for $104k grant from NOAA to remove sunken boats

Riverkeeper’s enforcement successes continue despite crisis

Credit: Laura DeGaetano
While we are still working at home and in the midst of the pandemic, Riverkeeper is continuing to enforce the Clean Water Act continuing with the many stormwater enforcement actions we brought in the past year through the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic and Super Law Group. These actions not only bring polluters into compliance with the law, they also generate environmental benefit payments that we can direct to other environmental groups. With the powerful support of our members like you, we can make real changes and continue to aggressively eliminate […]

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Groups converge at City Hall to press for ‘fishable, swimmable’ waters in NYC

Advocates ask City Council to support aggressive actions needed to reduce sewage and stormwater pollution, promote rain gardens and other vital citywide solutions

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Environmental groups fight Department of Environmental Conservation’s toothless industrial animal facility permits

NEW YORK — Today Waterkeeper Alliance, Riverkeeper, Cortland – Onondaga Federation of Kettle Lake Associations Sierra Club, and Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc., represented by Earthjustice, served the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) with a lawsuit challenging a permit with lax terms that could result in pathogens and animal waste pollutants being discharged into New York waterways.

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Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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