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Hudson River pollutants: pesticides, drugs and DEET

Riverkeeper study finds chemical compounds in Hudson River estuaries but says swimming spots generally safe

Study Finds Pharmaceuticals, Other Micropollutants In Hudson Estuary

Study finds diverse set of pharmaceuticals and other ‘micropollutants’ in Hudson River Estuary

Carol Knudson of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Jennifer Epstein of Riverkeeper rig a bottle to a pole for sampling associated with “micropollutant” analysis by Cornell researchers. (Photo: Dan Shapley)
Cornell scientists test for pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products; 83 of 117 substances are detected For Immediate Release: July 15, 2016 Contacts: Leah Rae, Riverkeeper media specialist, (914) 478-4501, ext. 238, lrae@riverkeeper.org Damian E. Helbling, assistant professor, Cornell University, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, (607) 255-5146, deh262@cornell.edu Kingston, N.Y. – A first-of-its-kind study of the Hudson River Estuary has found a long and varied list of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and personal care products in the water – 83 out of 117 micropollutants targeted – ranging from the anti-depressant venlafaxine […]

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Before you swim in local waterways, check these sources

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Officials Detail Actions On PFOS Contamination In Newburgh

Stewart Guard Base “strongly looked at” as source of Newburgh water contamination

The Health of the Hudson

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