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Water Quality

Hudson Haunted by Sewage, PCBs, Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria

Final 2015 Hudson River Sampling Patrol Shows Good Water Quality

The season’s last set of Hudson River Estuary water quality sampling results are now available at the Water Quality section. Data from the October patrol show that dry weather means swimmable water—except where chronic problems exist. With the lack of CSOs, rain-induced clogs and breaks in the wastewater delivery system, and streetwater runoff, some of the Estuary’s known and suspected fecal contamination hotspots stick out like sore thumbs, such as the Newburgh Launch Ramp and the Mohawk River at Waterford. Our sampling in the Mohawk River, done in partnership with […] Learn More

On patrol: Westbound on the Mohawk

We left Waterford westbound Saturday morning, Oct. 17, moving through the Erie Canal locks into the Mohawk. Young-of-the-year herring, starting their migration to the Atlantic, are stunned by the lock’s plumbing, and getting picked off by gulls. Along the Mohawk River we met our partners from SUNY Cobleskill and took water samples, testing for the fecal-indicating bacteria enterococcus, as we have done monthly since July. Students Heather Baker and Angela Zhu were aboard helping – terrific. We sampled west to Amsterdam. Professor Barbara Brabetz and students sampled east from Rome […] Learn More

On patrol: A season of sampling is completed on Hudson River’s main stem

Carol Knudson of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory collects the last main stem water quality sample in Waterford, where the Mohawk River meets the Hudson above Troy. Eight years of data, so far. (Riverkeeper collects samples at more than 70 locations along the Hudson and tests for the fecal-indicating bacteria enterococcus. See the data and an interactive map. Read a PDF of our 2015 report, “How’s the Water?”) Sampling continues along the tributaries through October in partnership with community scientists. This Saturday and Sunday we will try a last run […] Learn More

N.J. still months away from sewage alert system

Nine Million Thirsty New Yorkers and Climate Change

Putting Community Science Data to Work

Community Scientist sampling Kaaterskill Creek
Last week Riverkeeper submitted Enterococcus data collected in partnership with community scientists to NYS DEC’s Division of Water, as part of the state’s biennial statewide waterbody assessment process. In most of the places we monitor, our data is the sole publicly available source of fecal contamination information, the most important parameter for determining a waterway’s fitness for recreation. The data we submitted cover a large geographic area and a solid stretch of time, but a more impressive aspect of the submission was that it highlighted our broad and committed group […] Learn More

New Water Quality Data for the Hudson, and a One-of-a-Kind Saw Mill River Snapshot

The results of water quality sampling during Riverkeeper’s September Hudson River patrol are now available at the Water Quality section at riverkeeper.org. The water quality monitoring portion of this September’s patrol took place during wet weather. At least an inch of rain fell in the 72 hours before sampling at all locations tested, and much more in most places. Not surprisingly, our samples from most New York City and Albany sites failed the EPA’s recommended criteria for safe swimming (60 Entero/100 mL). However, Entero counts at some mid–channel sites around […] Learn More

Sierra Club joins groups asking EPA for more Hudson River PCBs cleanup

Floodwaters send sewage into Capital Region rivers, creeks