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For fifty-plus years, Riverkeeper has been the Hudson River Estuary’s chief law enforcer when it comes to safeguarding our water and waterways. We work to strengthen the laws and regulations that impact New York’s water resources. We collaborate with coalitions and partners statewide on critical issues involving water pollution, clean energy, watershed preservation and more.

Since the mid-1960s, Riverkeeper has spearheaded policy initiatives that protect wetlands and habitat, improve nuclear oversight, increase and secure green funding, and encourage smart energy use and production in New York State. Strong environmental policy is one of the best tools we have, we work hard to garner support for legislation created to protect our Hudson River, its tributaries, our watershed, wetlands and surrounding communities.

Below you will find information, the current status of legislation and ways to contact your representatives on policies Riverkeeper has determined important to change and legislation we oppose and support.

Want to know the basics of New York State’s legislative process? Learn more here. Please see this guide for the budget process due each year on April 1st.

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Bill Information & SummaryRiverkeeper positionStatusInformationTake Action
New York State 2022-23 budget

Governor's 2022-23 Executive Budget Proposal
Governor's executive budget was released and state legislative hearings on the Environmental Conservation portion of the executive budget have concluded. 2/1/2022.
Read Riverkeeper Environmental Conservation SFY-2022-23 Budget Testimony

Read Assembly Dear Colleague Letter for +$2 million for the Hudson River Estuary Program

Read Senate Dear Colleague Letter for +$2 million for the Hudson River Estuary Program
Urge New York Leaders to Grow Hudson River Restoration and Climate Resilience Funding

Clean Water Protection
Defining Wetland Classification S5116C/A7850 (Harckham/Englebright)Riverkeeper SupportsPassed in the Senate (6/8/2021) and delivered to the Environmental Conservation Committee in Assembly. (6/8/2021). 6/8/2021. Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Protection of Certain Streams S4162/A6652 (Harckham/Englebright)Riverkeeper SupportsPassed both houses (5/24/2022). Waiting for Governor's signature 5/25/2022.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum

Living Shorelines Protection S8828/A10053 (Mayer/Otis)Riverkeeper SupportsScheduled for Senate floor vote (5/11/2022) and in Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee (4/29/2022). 5/23/2022 Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Drinking Water Protection
Private Well Water Testing S48 (Hoylman)Riverkeeper SupportsCurrently in Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (1/5/2022) with no Assembly same as. 3/14/2022.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Reducing East of Hudson Drinking Watershed Road Salt Contamination S6322A/A4067A (Harckham/Abinanti)
Riverkeeper SupportsDied in Assembly. Returned to Senate. Referred to Transportation Committee (1/5/2022). 3/14/2022.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Chemicals and Pesticides
Birds and Bees Protection Act/Neonicotinoid pesticide moratorium S699B/A7429 (Hoylman/Englebright)Riverkeeper SupportsAmended in Senate new print number S.699d(5/23/22). Passed Assembly, delivered to Senate (4/27/2022)
Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum

NY Neonic Fact Sheet

Setting the record straight on the Birds and Bees Protection Act

Top 5 myths about the Birds and Bees Protection Act
Environmental Law and Litigation
Citizen Suits for Environmental Conservation Laws S5394/A2261 (Parker/Simon) Riverkeeper SupportsReferred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (1/5/22) Ordered to third reading Assembly (1/5/22) . 5/25/2022.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Fixing SEQRA Standing S02798/A3510 (Kavanagh/O'Donnell)Riverkeeper SupportsCurrently in Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (1/5/2022) and On Assembly floor (5/5/2022). 5/25/2022.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum

SEQRA Standing Timeline and Summary of Cases

SEQRA Standing Reform FAQ
Equitable Siting for NY S1031B/A2103A (Stewart-Cousins/Pretlow)Riverkeeper SupportsPassed both houses. Waiting for Governor's signature (4/27/22). 5/25/22.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Creating a Public Participation Plan for EJ Communities S3211A/A6530 (Ramos/Barnwell)Riverkeeper SupportsPassed in the Senate (5/11/2022) and referred to the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee (3/15/2022). 5/25/2022.Memo of support is forthcoming.
Plastics, Recycling, and Promoting a Circular Economy
Bigger Better Bottle Bill S9164/A10184 (May/Englebright)Riverkeeper SupportsReferred to Senate Environmental Conservation (5/11/2022), Referred to Assembly Environmental Conservation (5/5/2022). 3/25/2022Memo of support is forthcoming.
Straws By Request S1505/A207 (Hoylman/Rosenthal L.)Riverkeeper SupportsAmended and recommitted to Senate Environmental Conservation, new print number S1505a
(3/9/22). 3/15/22
Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Prohibition of the use of plastic beverage container packaging. S486/A922 (Krueger/Paulin) Riverkeeper SupportsCurrently in Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (1/6/2021) and Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee (1/6/2021). 3/19/2021.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Clean Futures Act A6761A/S5939A (Mamdani/Ramos) Riverkeeper SupportsCurrently amended and recommitted to the Energy Committee in Assembly (5/6/2021) and recommitted in the Energy and Telecommunications Committee in the Senate (5/4/2021). Advanced to third reading (1/18/22). 3/15/22.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Ban on Fracking Waste A903/S355 (O'Donnell/Hoylman)Riverkeeper SupportsPassed Assembly (4/20/2021) and passed in the Senate (4/20/2021). Awaiting Governor's signature. Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Legislation Riverkeeper Opposes
Healthy Cold Water Fisheries Act A6136/S4083 (Woerner/Hinchey) Riverkeeper OpposesReferred to Senate Environmental Conservation and Assembly Environmental Conservation (1/5/22). 3/15/2022.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
Advanced Recycling S7891/A9495 (Mannion/Hyndman)Riverkeeper OpposesReferred to Senate and Assembly Environmental Conservation (1/18/22). 5/23/2022.Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum
NY Seawall Study Commission A5557S7141 (Barnwell/Addabbo)Riverkeeper OpposesReferred to Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means (1/5/22). 3/15/22. Read Riverkeeper Policy Memorandum

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