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Why I Sweep
Riverkeeper Sweep is a day when we can care for the Hudson shorelines – and in doing so, everyone who uses them. More
Danskammer, LLC proposes replacing its existing natural gas peaker plant, located in the town of Newburgh, with a new baseload natural gas power plant that would run all the time. Danskammer claims that their new plant would be more environmentally friendly than the existing plant, […] More
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On July 22, the New York Senate passed S.6308A which would prohibit the sale of pavement products containing coal tar and high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The bill now awaits passage in the New York Assembly. The legislation would provide crucial protection to human […] More
The saga of the poisoning of the Hudson River by General Electric has been going on for around 70 years. Unfortunately, the end is not yet in sight. The Environmental Protection Agency and GE agreed on extensive dredging work in the 40 miles of river […] More
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Three Troy students will focus on community science and radio and podcast production to illuminate water issues that disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Troy, N.Y. – Media Sanctuary and Riverkeeper announce the launch of the “Water Justice Lab.” The three-year project based […] More
David Schuyler and Ronald A. DeSilva, two longtime Riverkeeper allies, have recently passed on. Riverkeeper mourns the loss and celebrates their lives. DeSilva’s involvement with Riverkeeper spanned decades, going back to when the organization was still known as the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association. A longtime […] More
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ASMFC is shifting its approach to managing Atlantic menhaden, based on their role in the larger ecosystem. The use of ‘ecological reference points’ can help sustain a living system in the Hudson and along the East Coast. This week brought a big victory for the […] More
Surprise! In a mid-July NYS Legislature Special Session, lawmakers got back to work on a surprisingly robust environmental agenda. These are dark times and we are all in need of some good news. Let’s start with the six bills that made it through the arduous […] More
If Governor Cuomo adds his signature, the NYS Legislature’s vote to extend much-needed protections to Class C streams can have far-reaching effects. In a single image, this map illustrates why the New York State Legislature’s recent vote to extend protections to “Class C” streams in […] More
Today, Riverkeeper joined in a Day of Action rally for #Rise2Resilience, a coalition of more than 80 community groups, scientists, labor unions, lawmakers, and concerned community members working to protect people and wildlife in our region from the impacts of climate change. Riverkeeper’s Director of […] More

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