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It’s now or never! A decision on the future of GE’s PCB cleanup may be days away. Let’s flood EPA with calls and urge the new regional administrator Pete Lopez to fight for a Healthy Hudson. More
New York can “go bigger” on clean energy in 2018
The Yale Environmental Protection Clinic carried out a study for Riverkeeper to assess where we should focus our efforts in the energy field. This blog is a summary of their findings jointly authored by the lead students on the study. More
No new gas needed to replace Indian Point
Photo: Cliff Weathers
Amid the recurrent critical malfunctions, allowing “management” to expand their duties to fill the roles of multiple employees and directly operate the plant is asking for trouble. If workers are not available to operate the plant, the solution is simple. It should be taken offline until Entergy and the workers can resolve their differences. More
In this time-lapse video by Michael Levine, you see the transition from flood to ebb along the Hudson River at Hastings. The change of the tide occurs approximately every six hours. Only when there’s ice, and only thanks to this time-lapse photographer, do we get […] More
Photoillustration: MKH Marketing
Facebook is changing its algorithm, which means that you will likely get fewer updates from Riverkeeper. But there are things that you can do to keep getting our news. More
Circuit Court halts Constitution Pipeline
In another decisive loss for Constitution Pipeline Co LLC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission declined to overrule New York State’s denial of a key certification for Constitution Pipeline, a pipeline that would have carried fracked natural gas across 251 waterbodies from Pennsylvania to the Hudson […] More
Riverkeeper fights every day for a clean, safe and secure energy future, without which our precious drinking water supplies and the iconic Hudson River will never truly be protected. This means opposing all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects, which are unnecessary and threaten both the […] More
Just in time for the new year, the New York State Health Department released the 2017 Filtration Avoidance Determination that will allow New York City to continue providing pristine, unfiltered Catskill Mountain water to 9.5 million New York City and Hudson Valley consumers for the […] More
In a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent yesterday, waterkeepers across New York State requested increases to staffing in the Department of Environmental Conservation. Riverkeeper and seven fellow waterkeepers called for Gov. Cuomo to build on his legacy of leadership on clean water issues, exemplified […] More
NYISO says grid will be reliable without Indian Point
The path forward to a safe, secure, low-carbon energy future without Indian Point is well lit. More
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