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Fuel spill in Haverstraw
On Sunday morning a call came into Riverkeeper’s Watchdog line that described a fuel spill near Dutchtown in Haverstraw. We were only minutes away by car, so we went to take photos and record any evidence. No sooner than we turned onto Riverside Drive, an […] More
As part of Riverkeeper Sweep 2018, we asked people to try to count the single-use plastic bags they were collecting from the shorelines in the Hudson Valley and in New York City – to help demonstrate the need for an effective statewide ban. (Click here […] More
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Songbirds make melodies for the river...and Riverkeeper This week — just days before our annual gala, the Fishermen’s Ball — Riverkeeper and its supporters joined to celebrate in song as we were serenaded by multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird on Monday and a day later by the […] More
Herring return to Wynants Kill after 85 years
Herring return to Wynants Kill after 85 years
Tucked away in the protected reaches of rivers and tributaries, juveniles are allowed to mature with less danger than would be found in the open ocean. More
Riverkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance Invited to Share US Experience On October 25, 2015, two Chinese green groups, Friends of Nature and Fujian Green Home, celebrated a victory without precedent in their country’s decades-long rush to industrialize. Earlier that same year, these groups had gone to […] More
On April 6, 2018, nearly two years after the City of Newburgh’s drinking water crisis came to public attention, the 105th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard awarded a $82,355 contract for a carbon filtration system to remove PFOS from its wastewater. […] More
Haven Colgate is leading multiple shoreline cleanups in her community of Hastings-on-Hudson – at River Glen Cove, MacEacheron Park and Kinally Park – as part of Riverkeeper Sweep. We asked her to explain her motivation behind the work. What makes you want to take on […] More
Years ago — but not quite a decade — I remember writing an email to an anonymous email account at Riverkeeper asking how I could be involved in the advocacy work around the Hudson even though I lived in North Brooklyn and my borough didn’t […] More
As a longtime Westchester resident, I first became involved with Riverkeeper nearly a decade ago seeking an opportunity to get involved in environmental advocacy. Riverkeeper had moved their headquarters into my backyard. The timing was perfect, and I helped launch the Riverkeeper’s first Sweep clean-up […] More
The amount of plastic pollution in our environment is absurd. We’re learning more about just how much plastic circulates in the water, how much is being ingested by marine life, and what the effects are. Earth Week is a good time to establish new habits. […] More
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