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Tell the Army Corps Reject storm surge barriers-graphic
Riverkeeper and partners oppose storm surge barriers across NYC waterways and call for flood protection planning that is comprehensive, ecologically sound, and locally driven. This is a critical time to become informed and speak out about the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ proposal to build […] More
Holtec International, the firm responsible for decommissioning the Indian Point nuclear power plant, has stated that it will resume discharging radioactive wastewater into the Hudson River from a spent fuel pool on the site as early as August, and possibly sooner. More
As the Indian Point decommissioning effort continues, there remain a number of significant issues that will be discussed at the next meeting of the Decommissioning Oversight Board on February 2, 2023. More
City seizes critical opportunity to invest in sewer infrastructure – an example for others to follow. On Thursday, January 12, Riverkeeper joined the City of Newburgh staff and city council members, New York State Assembly Member Jonathan Jacobson, state Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Director […] More
With support from NOAA and other partners, Riverkeeper is helping to rid the river of derelict vessels that cause ecological damage and navigational hazards. In a new initiative, Riverkeeper succeeded in removing 17 sunken and abandoned boats from the Hudson in 2022, helping to address […] More
New York State residents documented more than 280,000 distinct uses of New York City’s coastal waters, including kayaking, dragon boating, swimming, and more, as part of a call for stronger water quality standards. More
Riverkeeper’s 2022 Impact Report provides a reminder of the vast number of ways we work in partnership with those who share in our mission – combining science, law, and community partnerships – to bring about change. More
Riverkeeper and its partners deliver message to Department of Health in support of stronger drinking water protections Members of the public spoke up this month to urge New York State to protect drinking water through stronger, science-based limits on toxic PFAS chemicals. We would like […] More
By removing dams and rewilding streams, we're taking steps to restore critical habitat for imperiled migratory fish. More
First Riverkeeper Newtown Creek patrol - 10_25_2002 -pg3-1000
Two decades ago, Captain John Lipscomb first patrolled Newtown Creek, the tidal tributary that separates Brooklyn and Queens. He and his guests and crew found a large oil sheen that would later become the subject of a Riverkeeper lawsuit against ExxonMobil. More

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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