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Tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that Holtec’s plan for decommissioning is unacceptably vague and does not ensure the public’s money is used correctly to decommission Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant while limiting environmental and safety impacts. More
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Storm surge barriers are not the answer. Neither are "mops & buckets," as President Trump suggested. We need rational solutions that protect communities and the environment. New York State can lead the way. Please take a moment and write to Governor Cuomo. More
Riverkeeper reacts to Governor Cuomo’s State of the State
The 2020 State of the State address held in Albany included bold new proposals from Governor Andrew Cuomo that, if realized, will ensure clean water, unique lands and iconic animals are protected for our children and grandchildren. One highlight we were thrilled to see proposed […] More
My name is Renee Seacor and I am the new Legislative Advocacy Intern for Riverkeeper for the 2020 legislative session! After spending nine years out West, I am thrilled to return home and begin advocating for environmental issues in the Hudson Valley and the State […] More
Join a mapping project showing cherished places for enjoying the Hudson, from Poughkeepsie to Rensselaer. Generations of people have found places along the Hudson River to fish, swim or spend time, even as the railroads came in and restricted access along the eastern shoreline. Now, […] More
Since 2015, Port Authority’s proposed LaGuardia AirTrain — for which passengers would have to commute east from Manhattan on the LIRR or 7 train to Willets Point/Citi Field, Queens, before doubling back west to the airport — has received scathing criticism. As the Federal Aviation Administration’s […] More
New York State announced last week it will invest $117 million in clean water projects in our region, catalyzing a total investment of at least $313 million. With the latest round of investment, more than $1 billion has been invested in just the last three […] More
Riverkeeper achieved landmark environmental victories in 2019 – even as our federal government removed essential water protections. Working with our partners, we made meaningful strides in restoring the Hudson and helped communities protect their drinking water supplies. More
Images: Wikimedia Commons (inset), NYPA (map), Riverkeeper (photos)
As part of our work to restore the abundance of fish and protect water quality in the Hudson and its tributaries, Riverkeeper has begun looking for ways to reduce the significant harms caused by hydroelectric power generation throughout the Hudson River Watershed. Although hydroelectric power […] More
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is holding industry accountable over harvest limits for menhaden, and requiring circle hooks in angling for striped bass. With your help, we spoke up this year to protect a critical species of fish – Atlantic menhaden, or bunker. And we’re […] More

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