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Water Quality Program

Hudson River Estuary
Riverkeeper monitors water quality on the Hudson River Estuary in collaboration with scientists from Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and CUNY Queens College. From the Riverkeeper patrol boat we test for fecal-indicating bacteria, oxygen, turbidity, temperature, salinity and chlorophyll.

Watersheds sampled by Riverkeeper and our partners. Watersheds sampled by Riverkeeper and our partners.

Photo Courtesy Tracy Brown

Tributaries and Waterfronts
In partnership with citizen samplers, we test select tributaries of the Hudson for fecal-indicating bacteria and other water quality indicators. These samples are collected from the streambank by Riverkeeper-trained community scientists, and processed in our onboard lab, our lab in Kingston, or one of our partner labs. We encourage communities to use this data to restore and protect their local waterways.

Mohawk River
Since July 2015, Riverkeeper and SUNY Cobleskill have gathered monthly data from 120 miles of the Mohawk River. Read about the effort.

Upper Hudson
In 2016, Riverkeeper and partners began exploring data gathering in the Upper Hudson River, in the 160 miles of river upstream of the Capital District.

How’s the Water? 2015
Read Riverkeeper’s annual water quality report, with summary data for ongoing projects, information about sources of contamination, a detailed Action Agenda for improving water quality, what you can do, success stories and more.

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