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Blauvelt- Blauvelt Arm tributary

Physical/Chemical Data

Physical, chemical and biological properties of the surface water that are measured continuously while the patrol boat is underway.

Entero Count (fecal indicator) and Rainfall

45 Samples taken

Sample Date [i] Enterococcus Count

Entero Count

Enterococcus (“Entero”) is a fecal indicating bacterium that lives in the intestines of humans and other warm-blooded animals. It is the EPA preferred indicator for sewage contamination.

QualityRain, day of (in)Prior Day2 Days Prior3 Days Prior Rain4 Days Total Rain
10/27/201814136Beach Advisory0.
09/15/2018171Beach Advisory0.
08/18/20184884Beach Advisory0.
07/21/2018495Beach Advisory0.
06/16/20182420Beach Advisory0.
05/19/2018>2420Beach Advisory0.
10/21/20171259Beach Advisory0.
09/16/2017663Beach Advisory0.
08/19/2017959Beach Advisory0.
07/15/20171095Beach Advisory0.
06/17/20171076Beach Advisory0.
05/20/2017145Beach Advisory0.
10/08/2016687Beach Advisory0.
09/10/2016921Beach Advisory0.
08/13/20161733Beach Advisory0.
07/09/20161986Beach Advisory0.
06/11/20162420Beach Advisory0.
05/14/2016980Beach Advisory0.
10/03/2015>2420Beach Advisory0.
09/05/201599Beach Advisory0.
08/01/20151553Beach Advisory0.
07/04/2015308Beach Advisory0.
06/06/2015>2420Beach Advisory0.
10/04/2014816Beach Advisory0.
09/06/2014687Beach Advisory0.
08/02/2014>2420Beach Advisory0.
07/05/2014727Beach Advisory0.
06/07/2014238Beach Advisory0.
05/03/2014107Beach Advisory0.
10/12/2013816Beach Advisory0.
09/14/2013248Beach Advisory0.
08/10/2013579Beach Advisory0.
07/13/20131533Beach Advisory0.
06/15/2013479Beach Advisory0.
05/04/20131733Beach Advisory0.
10/06/20121986Beach Advisory0.
09/08/2012214Beach Advisory0.
08/04/2012687Beach Advisory0.
07/14/2012166Beach Advisory0.
06/02/2012>2420Beach Advisory0.
05/12/201296Beach Advisory0.
11/06/201163Beach Advisory0.
09/03/201196Beach Advisory0.
05/28/2011158Beach Advisory0.

Entero Count (fecal indicator) and Rainfall Correlation

45 Samples taken

Water Quality*

Acceptable (0–60) Beach Advisory (61+)

*Single sample thresholds;
Enterococcus count per 100mL

Prior Four Day Rainfall
(in inches)

Dry Weather (0–0.25) Wet Weather (0.25+)

Enterococcus is an EPA-approved fecal contamination indicator.

Samples taken by citizen scientists trained by Riverkeeper, and processed on the Riverkeeper vessel, according to the 2014 Quality Assurance Project Plan.

Rainfall data comes from wunderground.com. Wet weather is a common trigger of fecal contamination.

What do the Numbers Mean?

Water Quality scoring is based on the 2012 Recreational Water Quality Criteria from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for safe swimming. Learn More

About this location:

The Blauvelt Arm enters Sparkill Creek after flowing through an area of commercial land use west of Route 303. This sampling site is located in a forested area between residences and an office building. This sampling site and the Clausland Arm sampling site are located side-by-side, although each waterway is sampled just upstream of their confluence.

Agencies Responsible:

Rockland County Dept. of Health: 845-364-2900; NYSDEC Region 3: 914-428-2505

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