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Don’t Frack! Visits Union Square

Last Friday, Riverkeeper’s Social Media Summer Intern, Kathryn Arion, along with Don’t Frack with NY Water! supporters, Liza Chiu and Emily Rann, visited Union Square to spread the word on fracking. Braving the threat of Hurricane Earl and armed with decals featuring our “Don’t Frack with NY water” logo, these three young ladies spoke to passersby about the harmful effects fracking has on both the environment and human health. They encouraged their listeners to visit the website, and to take action and tell Andrew Cuomo to pass a permanent ban on fracking in the New York City Watershed.

“Everyone in New York should want to protect our city’s water. We all drink it, shower with it, cook with it. It’s a very important issue,” Arion said the day of the event. If you agree with her, make sure to click on our “Take Action” header to support a permanent ban on fracking and save New York City’s water!

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