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Call Governor Cuomo on June 6 to Ban the Plastic Bag!

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June 6, 2018
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On June 6th, call Governor Cuomo and urge him to ban the single-use plastic bag and place a fee on alternative bags by supporting S7760/A9953, the ‘New York Bring Your Own Bag Act’.

Text ‘JUNE 6’ to 21333 on your phone to receive a reminder on June 6 to call the Governor.

Plastic pollution is both a public nuisance and a public health threat. Reducing the use of single-use plastic bags is one of the most meaningful steps that New York can take to reduce pollution from single-use plastic. Governor Cuomo has recently announced his support for a plastic bag ban without the important fee on alternative bags. The evidence does not support a ban on plastic with no fee on alternative bags.

Evidence from both Chicago and Honolulu, which repealed their plastic bag only bans with a fee on all bags, demonstrate that the fee on alternatives is critical to reduce waste and foster a culture of using reusable bags.

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