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Riverkeeper’s statement on Governor Cuomo’s ban of the toxic pesticide, chlorpyrifos

OSSINING, N.Y. — Yesterday, Governor Cuomo directed the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to ban the aerial spraying of the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos, ban all use except apple tree trunk application by 2020 and ban all use by 2021. The Governor also vetoed legislation sponsored by Senator Todd Kaminsky and Assembly Member Steve Englebright that would have also phased out the pesticide. Banning this toxic pesticide is important for protecting human health and life found in our rivers, lakes and oceans. The National Marine Fisheries Service in 2017 […]

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Riverkeeper demands NRC deny transfer of Indian Point’s license to Holtec International

OSSINING, N.Y. — On Friday, Entergy, the operator of the Indian Point nuclear power plant, and Holtec International, a New Jersey-based firm with a scandalous corporate past, asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to approve a transfer of the plant’s license and its $2 billion decommissioning trust fund to Holtec. Holtec’s recent history makes it the wrong choice to take on the decommissioning of Indian Point. The company was caught bribing workers at the Tennessee Valley Authority, was suspended from contracting with TVA, and then lied about its corporate past to obtain tax breaks from […]

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Statement regarding Entergy’s plan to sell the Indian Point nuclear plant to Holtec for decommissioning

Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay released this statement today: Riverkeeper has major concerns about Tuesday’s announcement that Entergy will sell the Indian Point reactors to Holtec for decommissioning.  Both Holtec and its intended partner, SNC-Lavalin, have problematic operating histories, including a bribery scandal in Canada that threatens to topple the Trudeau government. This proposed license transfer therefore needs careful scrutiny by New York State, and, ideally, by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The stated goal of decommissioning more rapidly than the 60 years allowed by the federal government is welcome, but that […]

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EPA admits PCB cleanup hasn’t achieved its goals, but issues polluter GE a Certificate of Completion

Scenic Hudson and Riverkeeper slam decision that makes it much harder to compel GE to continue cleanup   Groups thank Gov. Cuomo for his leadership and pledge support for his legal challenge of Certificate of Completion   HUDSON VALLEY—Scenic Hudson and Riverkeeper strongly condemn the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—for issuing General Electric a Certificate of Completion for the Hudson River PCB cleanup while simultaneously admitting that the Superfund project has not achieved its mandated goal to be “protective of human health and the environment.” The EPA has concluded its […]

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Fewer farms using revised mega-farm manure permits

Statement: Citizens Campaign for the Environment, NRDC, and Riverkeeper weigh in on Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s proposal to ban plastic bags, expand NY’s Bottle Bill

Gov. Cuomo announced the proposals as part of his 2019 executive budget ALBANY, NY — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the inclusion of a ban on single-use plastic bags and an expansion of the state’s Bottle Bill  to make most non-alcoholic drink containers eligible for the state’s 5-cent redemption. The Sunday announcement came in a press release and will be included in Gov. Cuomo’s executive budget proposal. In a joint statement regarding the announcement, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Riverkeeper said: “This is […]

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NYS DEC study adds to evidence: Hudson River PCBs cleanup is woefully incomplete

Governor Andrew Cuomo today released a study by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirming that General Electric’s cleanup of PCB contamination in the upper Hudson River is incomplete and not protective of public health and the environment. Click here to read the study. Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay said: “DEC’s latest study is yet another brick in the wall showing that the Hudson River PCBs cleanup has been woefully less effective than we were promised. General Electric’s cleanup of the toxic PCBs it dumped in the river must […]

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Closing Indian Point is good

NYS DEC denies CPV fracked-gas plant an Air Quality Permit, effectively shutting down the plant

OSSINING, NY — New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation has denied the renewal of the Air Quality Permit for the Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) fracked-gas power plant located in the Town of Wawayanda in Orange County. Denial of the permit renewal effectively shuts down the plant that has been fiercely opposed by regional and statewide organizations for its devastating environmental impacts. The announcement by DEC comes after years of tireless work by community organizations to stop the plant’s operation. Riverkeeper continues to support and work with Protect Orange County, […]

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Riverkeeper statement regarding AIM pipeline/Indian Point risk assessment

Ossining, NY — Late this afternoon, four New York State agencies released the executive summary of a long-awaited risk assessment of the Algonquin Incremental Market pipeline near Indian Point Energy Center in Westchester County. The agencies, the State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Department of Public Service, Department of Health, and the Department of Environmental Conservation, also wrote to the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requesting that the commission take additional action to mitigate and further investigate the potential risks posed by the pipelines. Riverkeeper […]

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