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Water Quality

Riverkeeper commends new EPA PFAS standards but cautions work remains after agency confirms no safe level of exposure for drinking water

Riverkeeper applauds the EPA’s announcement of its new finalized federal drinking water standards for six PFAS chemicals. Long-term exposure to per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has been associated with many serious health conditions and are considered “forever chemicals” that do not break down naturally in our environment.

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Members of Stewart Air National Guard Restoration Advisory Board Applaud EPA’s First National Drinking Water Standards for Toxic PFAS “Forever Chemicals”

Newly established Federal Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL) of six per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water will reduce exposure in many Hudson Valley communities and should influence the cleanup of contamination affecting Newburgh and New Windsor drinking water sources.

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Ban Fracking Now! … (Again!?!?!) + The Guv Slashes Clean Water Budget

The Governor Giveth Clean Water and River Pools, and May Taketh Them Away

Riverkeeper opposes Governor’s cuts to clean water and Hudson River funding

Governor’s initiative to increase swimming requires continued investment in our critical water infrastructure

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Swimming in the Hudson Could Become a Reality With Governor’s New Grants

With Release of New Water Quality Criteria, Riverkeeper and Save the Sound Challenge DEC to make NYC waters safe for swimming

In response to the Department of Environmental Conservation’s announcement of new water quality criteria for the waters surrounding New York City and up to the Bear Mountain Bridge, Riverkeeper, the leading environmental organization, and Save the Sound, call on New York State to seize the historic opportunity to stop sewage overflows that too often inhibit millions of New Yorkers from safely enjoying the water where they live.

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Swimming the Lordly Hudson, All 315 Miles of It

New York Assembly passes crucial legislation to protect state’s streams

A coalition of prominent environmental organizations celebrates the passage of a critical bill to expand New York State’s protections for small streams, on the heels of a damaging Supreme Court decision that diminished the reach of the Clean Water Act

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Beach Season is Here. How Clean is the Water in NYC?

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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