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Putting Community Science Data to Work

Last week Riverkeeper submitted Enterococcus data collected in partnership with community scientists to NYS DEC’s Division of Water, as part of the state’s biennial statewide waterbody assessment … Read More

On patrol: Baby snapping turtle in Catskill Creek

… At least I think it’s a snapper. So cute now – so bad ass later. Read More

On patrol: River traffic, southbound from Port of Albany

A BIG bulk carrier southbound today from the Port of Albany, light. The snag is about to have a bad day. Tug “Dean Reinauer” and barge passing Catskill Creek and Ramshorn Marsh southbound presuma… Read More

Catskill Creek Water Quality Presentation

Riverkeeper has been testing the Hudson River for fecal contamination and sewage discharges since 2006 and sharing the results with the public. In 2010 Riverkeeper partnered with the Catskill Creek Wa… Read More

Report: High contamination levels in creek

Creek watchers monitor quality

Catskill Creek Watershed organization mulls microbe study

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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