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The Green Gauge: Shale developers hit speed bumps

Gas Drilling Report Details 100+ Contamination Incidents

Costing the Earth

Two Sides of the Fracking Fracus

A Fracking Victory, But the Fight for a Permanent Ban Continues

Last night the NY State Senate passed a bill that places a moratorium on fracking in the Marcellus Shale in New York. This is an important victory that was possible because of ALL OF YOU stood up and… Read More

Don’t Frack with NY Water!

RvK Launches Important New Campaign Riverkeeper has just launched the Don’t Frack With NY Water! campaign to get the word out about the potential threat that “fracking” (short for hydraulic frac… Read More

Environmentalists and Lawmakers Call for a State Moratorium on Hydrofracking for Natural Gas

Join the Call for a Moratorium on Gas Drilling in New York

by Craig Michaels The oil and gas industry talks a lot about the hard working men and women it employs. But we hear a lot less about the hard working men and women whose lives it destroys. There ar… Read More

New Starpower in the Fracking Fight

Robert Kennedy Jr., environmentalists hear of gas woes in Dimock

Don't let New York State give up on New York City waters
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