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Patrol Boat Capt. John Lipscomb Talk to Ferry Sloops Boat Club at Shattemuc Yacht Club, Ossining

Riverkeeper Patrol Boat Capt. John Lipscomb will open the 2014 Ferry Sloops lecture series with a talk about the Hudson River, water quality, and insights from his 13 years piloting the R. Ian Fletche… Read More

For Piermont’s John Lipscomb, the Hudson River is his home and his history

New York Plans Faster Sewage Alerts

Riverkeeper’s Year On the Hudson, Part II: Cleaning and Restoring the River

Continuing our interview with John Lipscomb, captain of Riverkeeper’s patrol boat, about the 2011 season: For nearly 30 years, it’s been central to Riverkeeper to have a boat patrolling the Hudson… Read More

Riverkeeper’s Year on the Hudson, Part I: Testing the Water

Riverkeeper’s patrol boat wrapped up another season on the Hudson Friday, Dec. 2. It was one of the most remarkable yet, with major milestones in water quality testing and cooperative law enforcemen… Read More

Post-Irene Patrol with Riverkeeper [Video]

Riverkeeper Boat Captain Works for the Hudson

About Town: The Scoop On The Hudson