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Paul Gallay

Paul Gallay

Paul Gallay is an attorney, educator and non-profit executive working to protect community character and improve environmental sustainability. As President of Riverkeeper, Paul fights for a cleaner Hudson and safer drinking water for over nine million New Yorkers. Paul received degrees from Williams College and Columbia Law School. He was a visiting professor of environmental studies at Williams from 2004 to 2007. Read more

Photo: Dorice Madronero
State Public Service Commissioner Audrey Zibelman even came down from Albany to watch the new Rockland County Water Management Task Force present the outlines of their plan, which includes more conservation, fewer leaks and smarter use of existing resources. More
Governor and Fracktivists - 12-17-14
Cuomo On Fracking: “That’s What Democracy Is All About” Ask environmentalists in New York whether they woke up on December 17th expecting Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to ban fracking by noon that day. They’ll answer: “no way.” In fact, The Empire State’s massive anti-fracking community […] More
Has the endgame begun for Indian Point? Sure looks that way. Riverkeeper is fighting on every legal front to stop this dangerous, aging plant from operating, and there’s no doubt we are closing in. Riverkeeper has raised awareness about the hazards posed by this plant […] More
Eagles on the Hudson River, Verplanck N.Y. (Photo: Tom Rogan)
We are proud to report on another remarkable year of success restoring the Hudson and protecting your drinking water. We owe so much of it to you, as donors, activists and volunteers. In 2015, we’ll need you more than ever: As the clean water challenges […] More
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Riverkeeper is proud to share with you the following big wins, all of which occurred in just the last three weeks! More
paul climate screen shot gwen
Watch my video invitation
At Riverkeeper, we don’t back down from a fight. We don’t pull our punches and we do whatever it takes to win. Right now big polluters and their high-powered PR firms and lobbyists are busy convincing world leaders that preventing climate change will be too […] More
On August 6, the NYS Thruway Authority took the final steps needed to finagle a $255.7 million Clean Water Act loan that isn’t designed to produce clean water – it’s to pay for a big chunk of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. More
Tritium leaks at Indian Point have spurred new question about NRC Oversight
Andy Revkin of the NY Times has been one of Indian Point’s most prominent supporters, but he seems to have growing doubts about NYC’s aging nuclear neighbor to the north. On June 12, Revkin published an entry on his influential online NY Times blog, DotEarth, […] More
The transport of crude oil on and along the Hudson River presents a new and grave threat—the most significant new threat we've faced in a generation. More
valdez responder
Exxon Valdez: hard lessons about the lingering impacts of oil spills
25 years after the Exxon Valdez spill shocked a nation, we seem to be at greater risk than ever. More
Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger [Copyright Poughkeepsie Journal]
Pete Seeger has left us, but I still hear his voice clear as day. We at Riverkeeper mourn the man and offer our hearts to his family and friends. And, we promise to carry on his work and make the most of the gifts he […] More
Water Infrastructure
NY faces a $36 Billion backlog in spending for clean water infrastructure
With only three days until Governor Cuomo releases his 2014 budget plan, the Albany Times Union has this advice: Invest in clean water, Governor. Riverkeeper couldn’t agree more. The Governor’s own environmental agency calls our failure to invest adequately in water infrastructure a “gathering storm” […] More
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