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Preserve River Ecology

Environmental justice impacts of proposed Canadian hydropower for NYC highlighted day before critical PSC vote

Canadian First Nations representatives speak out on impacts from hydro dams as Hydro-Quebec signals that even more dams could be built

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Riverkeeper calls on NYS to protect Hudson & Mohawk rivers from Erie Canal invasive species

Today, the Department of Environmental Conservation and Canal Corporation responded to public calls to address the risk of invasive species traveling into new waters via New York State canals. The proposal doesn’t directly address the need to block invasive species from entering the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers via the Erie Canal. Scientists have called for such a measure for nearly a decade, and the Reimagine The Canals initiative has identified strategies that can and must be implemented. The following is a statement by Dan Shapley, co-director of Riverkeeper’s Science and […]

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NYC’s Big Clean Energy Plan Is Under Attack From One-Time Advocate

Can Quebec’s Dams Power New York City?

NYS to NYC: Find alternatives to dumping muddy Ashokan Reservoir water into the Esopus Creek

Photo: Michael Nelson
Riverkeeper applauds the state’s decision to require further analysis of alternative actions, as well as impacts to the Hudson River drinking water supply, and the effects of climate change on the management of the city’s water supply. Decision follows public demands to “stop the mud” in Lower Esopus Creek. The State announced today that New York City must expand its study of alternatives to dumping muddy water into the Esopus Creek from its Ashokan Reservoir. The city must also further scrutinize how climate change will affect the proposed reservoir operations, […]

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Why an Oyster Comeback Would Benefit NYC

A conversation on the Champlain Hudson Power Express

Riverkeeper Opposes CHPE Canadian Hydro Transmission Project

For 2022, a pledge to help save the Hudson River, ‘a precious and sacred being in our midst’

In the Catskills, One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Business Model

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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