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Dedication in Memory of Arthur Glowka


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February 5, 1931 – March 25, 2013

We are saddened by the loss of Arthur Glowka, who founded the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association, Riverkeeper’s predecessor, along with Robert H. Boyle. Arthur was active in every major environmental lawsuit involving the Hudson River.

An ardent fisherman, Arthur was dedicated to protecting the creatures that inhabited the river and encouraged all who used our waters to treat them as prized possessions. He was instrumental in the first prosecution of a polluter under the dusty 19th century laws that outlawed dumping in the Hudson River, but had never been enforced, and he designed the “Bag-A-Polluter” postcards distributed to encourage citizens to wrestle control of our waterways back from corporate polluters. He was involved in stopping the Storm King power plant, a foundational case in federal environmental law and was involved in the legal action in the case of PCB pollution in the Hudson River. He served on Riverkeeper’s board of directors since its inception, was a founding director of the Hudson River Foundation, and remained active in organizations devoted to preserving the Long Island Sound.

The Hudson River and the life within it are better for his passion and advocacy. Riverkeeper is dedicated to continuing his legacy.

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