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Fracking/Gas Drilling

Time to Close New York’s Fracking Waste Loophole

Despite the recent historic ban on high-volume fracking, New York still has a fracking waste problem. More than 510,000 tons and 23,000 barrels – and counting – of waste from oil and gas extraction operations in neighboring Pennsylvania have been shipped to New York landfills for disposal. Leachate from those landfills is then sent to nearby wastewater treatment facilities. And New York State continues to allow the use of certain kinds of waste from low-volume oil and gas extraction on our roads for de-icing and dust control. Fracking waste can […]

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Take Action: Urge Your State Representative to Close the Hazardous Waste Loophole

We need your help to end the loophole that allows the oil and gas industry to avoid hazardous waste requirements! The oil and gas industry currently enjoys a special exemption from New York State requirements governing the treatment of hazardous waste. Even though waste from oil and gas operations – including extraction using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) – can contain hazardous contaminants, it is categorically excluded from hazardous waste treatment, storage, transportation, and disposal requirements due to a loophole in state law. More than 500,000 tons and 23,000 barrels of fracking […]

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The Fracking End-Game Begins

The Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (“SGEIS”) on High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (“HVHF”) is a document to be celebrated. It contains the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (“DEC”) finding that “there is currently insufficient scientific information to conclude that [HVHF] can be undertaken without posing unreasonable risk to public health.” Therefore, DEC will grant exactly what fracking activists have called for: a formal, legal prohibition on HVHF in New York. The bulk of the Final SGEIS contains an analysis of the potential adverse environmental impacts of permitting HVHF […]

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Fracking fight almost over: NY is one step closer to a ban on fracking

Riverkeeper’s statement on the environmental review that lays the groundwork for NY’s fracking ban

The Cuomo administration's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) just released its long anticipated environmental review that lays the groundwork for ban of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” for natural gas in New York.

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Albany County Bans the Dumping of Fracking Waste in Landfills

In the absence of a statewide ban on fracking waste, the Albany County Legislature unanimously passed a local law which bans fracking waste from entering landfills within the county.

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Fracking waste: Should we be concerned?

States Fail to Properly Manage Fracking Waste, Says Groundbreaking Report

Any solution? A clash over safe road brine sources

Why Andrew Cuomo Banned Fracking in New York

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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