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Green coalition urges Cuomo to reject fracking

Sewage Pollution Right To Know Act Passes NYS Legislature!

Contact: Tina Posterli, 516-526-9371, [email protected] Adrienne Esposito, 516-390-7150, [email protected] Brian Smith, 716-472-4078, [email protected] Environmenta… Read More

Sewage Notification is a Milestone for a Cleaner Hudson

Thank you! The tens of thousands of petition signatures, emails, letters and calls made by environmental advocates like you helped Riverkeeper reach a milestone in our effort to clean the Hudson River… Read More

Riverkeeper Joins Grassroots at Fracking Rally in Albany

Today, almost one hundred organizations and professionals, stand together to oppose the plan that was leaked to The New York Times last week, which would establish a demonstration program for high-vol… Read More

Cuomo Weighs Letting Towns Decide Fracking

Editorial: Tappan Zee Bridge financing issue takes a toll on commuters

Cuomo Weighs Letting Towns Decide Fracking

NY governor mulls new effort to replace Tappan Zee

Riverkeeper Applauds Governor Cuomo’s $1 Billion Investment in Clean Energy Initiatives

NY State leading the way in energy innovation, paving the way for a future without Indian Point Today Governor Cuomo announced a $1 billion investment in clean energy and environment initiatives for N… Read More

Riverkeeper Supports NYS Senate’s Proposed Hydrofracking Legislation

Testifies that legislative action on hydrofracking is urgently needed Riverkeeper testified in Albany today at the Senate Democratic Conference Public Forum on Hydraulic Fracturing along with our part… Read More

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