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Westchester hearing addresses plant safety

Clearwater joins national emergency petition to suspend all pending nuclear reactor licensing decisions

Phillip Musegaas on WBAI – Five OClock Shadow with Robert Knight

New York on nuclear: What’s plan B?

Japan’s nuclear crisis reshapes landscape for Indian Point’s relicensing

Top Ten Reasons To Close Indian Point

10. Nowhere to put Indian Point’s highly-radioactive spent fuel – IP’s storage pools are already overfilled with spent fuel rods from the last 40 years of operations. The spent fuel pools ar… Read More

Why New Yorkers Want to Close the Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Riverkeeper Files Enforcement Petition Against Indian Point

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Riverkeeper, Tina Posterli, 914-478-4501 x 239, [email protected] Technical Information, Mark Leyse, 646-623-6835 Nuclear Fuel Rods Too Hot To Avoid Catastroph… Read More

Indian Point’s Gotten a Free Pass on Safety Regs Over Last Decade, Feds Delay Evacuation Plan

Underreported: Indian Point and Water

Don't let New York State give up on New York City waters
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