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Stop permit for tar sands shipments on the Hudson

oil-spill-Kalamazoo-River-copyright-USEPA-600Tell Governor Cuomo to direct the Department of Environmental Conservation to request more time from the court to complete a full environmental review of the proposal to bring millions of gallons of heavy crude into the Port of Albany for shipment on the Hudson River, or to deny the permit if additional time is not granted. Take Action


Help Protect Endangered Hudson River Sturgeon

babysturgeonNew York State has recorded a 20-fold increase in mortality in the Hudson Estuary – starting at the exact time the Tappan Zee Bridge construction project began in 2012. The Fisheries Service should be made aware that protecting these fish is a priority for those of us in the Hudson Valley who love this river and the life in it. Take Action


Stop the Transport of Explosive Oil Over Neglected Rail Bridges

crude-oil-train-rondout-bridge-crJLipscomb-2011-09-18_14-09-54_1400x550-2Demand that the federal government use its power to protect people, rather than cave to industry pressure. As a first step, the Federal Railroad Administration must ensure that no rail bridge be used for oil trains or other hazardous materials unless it has passed a rigorous, third-party safety inspection.
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Sign the Petition for a Cleaner Hudson

Tell GE and government leaders they must take action to keep the PCB removal project going. Sign Petition

Stop the Bomb Trains

Support Riverkeeper’s call for a moratorium on crude oil transportation through New York State. Take Action!

Don’t let Albany block the single-use bag bill

plastic-bag--LeahRae26818992986_ea4a5164ae_k-200Tell your Legislators you want a trash-free Hudson and urge them to reject S.7336/A.9904 which would overturn the plastic bag law in NYC!
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Report Dead Sturgeon

dead-sturgeon-200Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon are protected by the Endangered Species Act, and New York has committed to limiting impacts on these fish throughout the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge project. Riverkeeper is carefully monitoring the process, and we’ve retained the right to enforce the permit requirements designed to protect sturgeon if sturgeon are being harmed. Be watchful when visiting the river, and make timely and thorough reports if you observe a dead sturgeon. Report Your Observations.

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