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by Kyle Rabin and Peter Hanlon 10 Things to Know about Power Plant Water Use: Some things get better with age. Not power plants. The nation’s older power plants that still rely on antiquated and damaging once-through cooling systems have a huge thirst for water. […] More
Originally published at Ecocentric Paul Gallay, Executive Director & Hudson Riverkeeper and environmental attorney Reed Super talk about how power plants using once-through cooling technology to cool their turbines and produce electricity are destroying the Hudson River’s fish and aquatic life in this important new […] More
Power plant cooling water intake systems kill billions of fish and other aquatic creatures every year and currently require more water than any other industry in the United States. Many of these plants are located on some of the nation’s most beautiful and treasured waterways. […] More
*As published on Ecocentric Blog by Kyle Rabin | 05.18.2011 |   Rob Weltner, President of Operation SPLASH [Photo courtesy of Dulce Fernandes] Rob Weltner grew up on the south shore of Long Island so the South Shore Estuary looms large in his life. “Ever […] More
By Kari Lydersen *As published on Midwest Energy News The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing new steps to reduce the number of fish killed by power plant cooling systems, but critics say the plan, which relies on state-level enforcement, will be ineffective. Every year billions […] More
by Peter Hanlon  04.20.2011 No, the Other Power Plant Rule (the one about killing fish) Photo courtesy of Brian Smith, Citizens Campaign for the Environment I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of eating and breathing and of wildlife with fully-functioning reproductive […] More
As posted on the Cleanenergy.org blog By Josh Galperin, Esq. In the face of pressure from Congress and industry, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just proposed a new rule that fails to adequately safeguard the aquatic ecosystems, fish and water they are charged with […] More
As published on NRDC’s Switchboard By Thom Cmar March 29, 2011 It isn’t fourth down, but U.S. EPA has sent its punt team on the field. Yesterday, U.S. EPA released a proposal for reducing fish kills from power plants’ cooling water intakes, as has been […] More
by Amy Sinden *From CPRBlog March 29, 2011 Around 6pm ET last night, after most reporters had wrapped up, EPA issued its long-awaited proposed cooling water rule. Under the Clean Water Act, this rule is supposed to protect the billions of fish and other aquatic organisms […] More
By Steve Fleischli as seen on NRDC Swithcboard Blog Last night, EPA announced a 413-page proposed rule for cooling water intake structures at U.S. power plants. However, instead of moving toward modernizing America’s power plants and protecting our water resources, EPA’s new proposed rule on […] More

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