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Terrace Bagels
Folks in New York City who wonder how fracking upstate would affect them only need to talk to your favorite bakers, brewers and baristas. New York's clean, unfiltered tap water is considered some of the best in the world - so good it's considered the "secret ingredient" of many of our favorite things to eat and drink. More
Pennsylvania and West Virginia, with which New York shares the Marcellus Shale deposit, have been quicker to embrace fracking than New York (so far). Tragic stories coming out of communities there are a possible preview of what’s to come for our state if fracking isn’t […] More
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Josh Fox’s new HBO documentary Gasland is an in-depth investigation of the fracking industry and its enablers. Fox travels across 24 states to speak with scientists, government officials and ordinary people whose lives have been changed by fracking in their communities. Don’t want flammable water […] More
The historic BP Oil Spill in the Gulf and deadly mining disasters in West Virginia have shown the tragedy that lax (or nonexistent) regulation of resource extraction can cause. The next example of this could be hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which could contaminate New York […] More
A barge remains berthed at north side of Newtown Creek just east of the Pulaski Bridge. There is reason to believe that this heavily damaged barge has been abandoned and has already lost some floatation foam to New York Harbor waters. We have seen foam […] More
The water in the inner reaches of urban waterways like Newtown Creek and Gowanus Canal is polluted beyond comprehension. Yes, the white stuff in the foreground is water. These “out of sight – out of mind” waterways are like giant, 500 foot diameter pipes discharging […] More
Religious Organizations Along the Hudson River (ROAR) is a group of nine congregations with property along the Hudson. We’ve had ROAR members aboard on the Tappan Zee, at Indian Point and at Kingston – three outings with 22 guests. Their mission statement reads, in part, […] More
On August 25th we found a dry weather sewage discharge at Troy. I contacted NYSDEC via cell. An Environmental Conservation Officer met me at Troy and we returned to document the site together. DEC and Riverkeeper contacted City of Troy independently and the outfall was […] More
Coal Tar was a by-product of a process which extracted gas from coal. The gas was used for heating, cooking and lighting until the 1960’s. Today there are hundreds of polluted sites in NYS, including many in the Hudson Valley, where the Manufactured Gas Plants […] More
We observed glass and mixed paper and plastic labeling falling off a deck barge at Sims Municipal Recycling facility on Newtown Creek. We contacted Sims management and within ONE DAY had a response from the facility manager and his staff. They immediately shifted to deep […] More

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