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This photo of an Atlantic sturgeon “young of year” says it all. At the hand of fishermen they have been almost eliminated from the Hudson for their flesh and their eggs (caviar). And by the hand of man they may be restored. The spawning run […] More
Kids swimming in the Hudson from a boat club in Westchester Riverkeeper has been conducting a water quality survey since the fall of 2006. These photos show why. Kids swimming in the Hudson from the Harlem River at High Bridge People are swimming everywhere in […] More
NYCON Concrete on Newtown Creek Look at the color of the water! Photo credit: Basil Seggos More
This is a microbial sample tray viewed under UV light after incubating 24 hours on the patrol boat. All the fluorescent wells are alive with Enterococcus bacteria, an indicator of untreated human waste. A strong result such as this one indicates a cell count GREATER […] More
Lovett Power Plant. No gunderboom barrier has been rigged as required by the plant’s permit to exclude fish, larvae and eggs. This plant has shut down because of multiple air and water intake permit violations. There is no flow at the intake or discharge points. […] More
We were sampling for fish larvae counts with the SUNY Stony Brook team when Clearwater sailed by between us and Indian Point. Damn environmentalists are everywhere. The Department of Homeland Security boat passing under our stern – very close to the sample net for larvae. […] More
We’ve had days of very high spring tides and no wind so an amazing amount of debris has floated off the riverbanks. It’s all still out here because there hasn’t been any wind to sweep it all ashore again. I find many of these blue […] More
A Hudson River writing class from Bard with Professor Susan Rogers. I met them in Kingston and we ran south to Esopus Island and back late in the day. We’ll get to see what they write about the day.I had them on the edge of […] More
A new abandoned wreck just at the south end of Albany’s Corning Preserve. It is very difficult to find any state or municipal agency which will get involved in cases like this.Intake structure at Bethlehem Energy Center. No gunderboom screens have been rigged this year […] More
Rondout Creek patrol early morning. Looking east at the CSX RR bridge. I don’t go under the bridge when there is a train crossing. Chicken. A flexible hose, like fire hose, has been led down the south bank of Catskill Creek from the area of […] More

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