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On Newtown Creek, creating a foothold for the natural world

We’ve been thinking big, and far into the future, with partners working to restore the badly polluted Newtown Creek, which forms the border of Brooklyn and Queens. Now we’re excited to be… Read More

Newtown Creek Community Advisory Committee

Please join us for our next CAG meeting. The EPA will be presenting an update. After the presentation, Judith Enck, the EPA Regional Administrator for the New York region, will be present for an open … Read More

Newtown Creek Superfund Community Advisory Group Public Meeting

The next Newtown Creek Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 22. The EPA will be discussing Point Sources. The meetings are open to the public and provide opportunity t… Read More

MSNBC video: Riverkeeper boat captain is the ‘Batman of the Hudson’

Riverkeeper’s patrol boat Captain John Lipscomb is featured in this mini-documentary from Awen Films for MSNBC. The film crew rode along with us along during patrols of New York City’s Gow… Read More

Grey to Green Free Workshop: Rainfall and Combined Sewer Overflows

Did you know that rainfall can overwhelm the sewer system and cause a combined sewer overflow (CSOs)? That means raw sewage along with pollutants like oil, heavy metals, and litter, dump untreated int… Read More

On Patrol: Egret at Newtown Creek

We spotted this egret Tuesday during our patrol along Newtown Creek. When I see wildlife on the creek, it gives me hope. Nature is waiting for us to do the right thing – If we clean up the creek, wi… Read More

Be involved in the vision for Newtown Creek

Newtown Creek Community Advisory Group will meet next Wednesday, February 11 at LaGuardia Community College. Mark your calendars for this important meeting about the CAG’s vision for Newtown Creek. … Read More

Meeting on Newtown Creek Public Health Assessment

State and federal health officials will present information about the recently released Newtown Creek Public Health Assessment at the next Newtown Creek Superfund Community Advisory Board Meeting. Riv… Read More

Newtown Creek Community Advisory Group Meeting

The next Community Advisory Group meeting for the Newtown Creek Superfund site cleanup will cover a variety of topics relevant to the Brooklyn creek’s longterm health and restoration. The public… Read More

Day in the Life: Patrolling Newtown Creek with Riverkeeper

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