Campaigns & Cases

Nycon on Newtown Creek
Photo Credit: Basil Seggos
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Riverkeeper’s campaigns and cases address the challenges and opportunities facing the two critical resources we defend – the Hudson River and the New York City Watershed.

Defend the Hudson:

Stop Polluters

Hudson River Pollution

Our patrol boat program, powerhouse of attorneys, grassroots base of public support, and strong partnerships with experts in law, engineering, biology, hydrology, economics and energy policy makes Riverkeeper the Hudson River's leading citizen-based pollution enforcement organization.
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Defend the Hudson:

Protect River Ecology

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The Hudson River is a tidal estuary, a biologically rich environment which provides critical habitats and essential spawning and breeding grounds for fish and other wildlife. Protecting this critical natural resource requires endless vigilance and the support of an engaged citizenry.
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NYC Watershed:

Safeguard Drinking Water

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Our Watershed team ensures that the drinking water consumed by nine million residents of New York City, Westchester, Orange and Ulster County remains of high quality. Riverkeeper safeguards this drinking water supply system by battling sprawl, monitoring water quality, and protecting wetlands in this watershed system.
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NYC Watershed:

Drink Tap Water

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Our Drink Tap Campaign encompasses the enforcement of environmental laws; working with communities and government on proactive programs to achieve long-term protection of the NYC watershed; advocating for stronger watershed protection policies on a local, state and federal level; and encouraging New Yorkers to choose tap water over bottled water.
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Support Policy Solutions


Sound environmental policy is one of the best tools we have to protect our environment. Therefore, Riverkeeper works hard to garner support for legislation created to protect our Hudson River, its tributaries, our watershed, wetlands and surrounding communities.
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How Is the Water?
How Is the Water? 2014
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Water Quality
Water Quality

How’s the water quality in your area? View our sampling data and find out.
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