Beacon: Sewage Pollution

Riverkeeper started receiving reports of raw sewage leaking into Fishkill Creek along the Beacon waterfront from the city’s crumbling infrastructure. Upon visiting the site, Riverkeeper witnessed actively flowing leaks and trails of toilet paper running from manhole covers down to the water. During rain events, raw sewage flows from some of these manholes across portions of backyards – potentially exposing residents to the flows. On September 1, 2004, Riverkeeper filed a notice of intent to sue (NOIS) against Beacon for these problems.

The leaks stem mainly from neglected repairs accumulated over decades since the system was originally built. Other communities throughout the Hudson Valley are experiencing similar problems as their systems – all built around the same time, when the Clean Water Act was implemented – begin to crumble.

New issues with sewage overflow in Beacon were reported to us and we filed a new case against Beacon on April 21, 2010. We are working with Beacon and the state to make sure the overflows are stopped once and for all.

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