What You Can Do


If your county or municipality does not yet have a fracking waste ban: ­
Reach out to your local legislature

  • Contact your local representative and talk with them about your concerns. This can be your local county, city, or town representative.
  • Some local legislatures also have environment committees that may welcome the chance to talk with you. Or you may be able to share your concerns during a regular meeting of your county legislature, city council, or town board.

Share information about fracking waste and other county bans

  • Share information with and organize others in your community who share your concerns.
  • Look for existing community groups who are active in your area and can help you share information and resources.
  • Write an op-ed in your local newspaper to help educate your community.

Contact Riverkeeper at [email protected] for support

Resources for engaging with your local legislature and/or community

Factsheet: What is Fracking Waste?

Factsheet: Reuse and Disposal

Factsheet: Road­spreading

Handout: Map of NYS counties where use of oil and/or gas brine is approved for certain roads. Download map

Factsheet: County Bans

Riverkeeper Model Fracking Waste Legislation

ALL Factsheet Handouts

Recorded Webinar: Fracking Waste in New York State, A Business Perspective

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