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Tracy Brown

Water Quality Advocate


At Riverkeeper Tracy helped build our citizen science program that samples the Hudson River and seven of its tributaries, distributing water quality data to the public through online tools, reports and live presentations. She was one of the architects of the NY State Sewage Pollution Right to Know law and continues to work for increased transparency on issues related to sewage pollution and our wastewater infrastructure. Through community engagement, policy initiatives and advocacy campaigns, Tracy is advancing the goal of a sewage-free Hudson River.

Tracy serves on the Board of Directors for the Hudson River Watershed Alliance. She is co-founder of the Peabody Preserve Outdoor Classroom, a nature preserve for hands-on, outdoor education for the students of the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, and Co-Chairs the Friends of Peabody Preserve. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with an MPA in progress at Columbia University, Tracy worked as a Communications Strategist for Fortune 50 companies and non-profits before joining Riverkeeper in 2007. She lives in Westchester County and swims and paddles in the Hudson River with her family as often as possible.

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