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Jasmine Olmo

Grants Manager


Jasmine Olmo

Jasmine Olmo (she/her) serves as Riverkeeper’s Grants Manager, specializing in researching, grant writing, reporting, and stewarding government and private foundation constituents. In her writing, she aims to intertwine the Hudson River’s spirit with advocacy, community voice, and science-driven insights, igniting support to protect its ecology and restore its health.

With over a decade of fundraising experience, Jasmine joined Riverkeeper in April 2024, bringing a wealth of expertise as a grant writer and inclusive editor for evidence-based programs. She has successfully fundraised as an independent consultant, for education nonprofits, and for the ASPCA and the Rainforest Alliance, where she emphasized the intricate relationship between healthy ecosystems and the well-being of all species in her writing.

Her systems thinking approach began earlier in her career through teaching English to immigrants in NYC and youth in South Korea, where she gained insights into the nuanced needs and dynamics of communities, shaping her belief in the importance of customized, holistic solutions. Recent volunteer work with the Parole Preparation Project reinforced her commitment to resilience-building initiatives, where she successfully advocated for an incarcerated person’s release and connected them to vital community support systems.

As a native New Yorker, Jasmine’s affinity for the Hudson River and its biodiversity blossomed from a young age, spending time hiking and kayaking along the Hudson River Estuary watershed. In her leisure time, she finds joy in vegan cooking, running through waterfront parks, engaging in outdoor adventures, and volunteering with animal welfare and LGBTQ+ organizations. She cherishes moments with her senior cat in Riverdale, NY.

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